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  • Virtual Commodities - A Byteball Asset. Only 180 in supply. I want to establish Virtual Commodities (VC) for trading for gaming skins, perhaps digitizing these virtual commodities and trading them on the open marketplace of WAX.io to trade for gaming skins and assets. I created 180 for low supply on purpose.
    I want to see if anybody is interested in this project to try and bridge gaming and Byteball assets, and yes bridge to Wax.io

    VC: https://explorer.byteball.org/#DyX9YFJQiQ+CJUVruQsB7IimUMg67eCHDXk2lJup…

    Unit DyX9YFJQiQ+CJUVruQsB7IimUMg67eCHDXk2lJupdi4=
    Received: 07.01.2018 13:07:10
    asset: xwB7xFSQqKTlQKVV0VBGraprU9rAwrFp2kHmXMmQlPU=
    decimals: 0
    name: Virtual Commodities by btcmacroecon
    shortName: Virtual Commodities
    issuer: btcmacroecon
    ticker: VC
    description: 180 Virtual Commodity Assets to be traded for gaming skins
    Payment in bytes
    50,000 from dQFpVp0+HG+iTeeMi5+znvy47l3yD2tP6Tv79rLzTjQ=
    (not spent)
    Technical information
    Fees: 733 (344 headers, 389 payload)
    Level: 1689787
    Witnessed level: 1689778
    Last ball unit: /hFFcbpepxUE7VkaDNvw4LtbcO2EAi/KaK3pCZ/Cigc=
    Main chain index: 1676789
    Latest included mc index: 1676788
    Is stable: 0

  • MMA coin is a Byteball Asset. for binary options for Mixed Martial Arts. I want to see if there is any interest in supporting this project by creating binary options (in advance) of MMA events (consider 3 round fight or 5 round fight), and setting the options for submission (within specified time), KO / TKO within a specified amount of time or win within a specified amount of time (which would even include ref stoppage and technical decision). I would like to set up the bot on Byteball if there is any support or help. I'd certainly cough up portion of coins for development and would even look at financing this but need rough costs. Initial step is seeing if there is any interest in it? A binary option is where someone picks an option (say gold vs silver price in 1 hour) and person bets X and if they win, they win big, like 70-80%, if they lose, they lose it all. So setting the bot is pretty easy, I would think. I would also like to see if any way to bridge this for exchange into Spectre.ai platform if there is mechanism to and exchange for Byteball to arrive at a price. All just an idea, but it starts with an asset.
    MMA: https://explorer.byteball.org/#fAJVBdoJ3Lx8bCSf1gvGUzK+NARQVWgHqXoeSwhc…
    name: MMA coin by btcmacroecon
    shortName: MMA coin
    issuer: btcmacroecon
    ticker: MMA
    description: MMA coin is a byteball asset for binary options for Mixed Martial Arts
    Payment in bytes
    853 from IYeNVOvVeP8X9hDx3LgPu48MCTVbeo8S/NJM0vIAY14=
    (not spent)
    Technical information
    Fees: 724 (344 headers, 380 payload)
    Level: 1689766
    Witnessed level: 1689759
    Last ball unit: N9Md5wmjyVTiXsKgnR/71D4hlVV43UWfORAVqtLqgZw=
    Main chain index: 1676768
    Latest included mc index: 1676767
    Is stable: 0

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  • When Byteball volume goes up


  • Lesson learned. I'm an Android user, so don't try to explain Byteball to a friend with a iPhone: "Apple takes cautious approach to new cryptocurrencies and didn't approve our app for the App Store (yet). "
    this way, mainstream adoption will not be easy

  • Busses vs. Private Shuttles:
    Lightning Network and the DAG-Drug

    In Slack the question of Lightning Network was raised, too. Here is a snipet.

    Bakibyte: The essence is not in DAG, the essence of the scaling. Everyone screams that their technology is steeper, only the technology can not be modeled, it can be copied. There is no reason to assume that the DAG is the solution to the scaling problems. Bitcoin can be scaled simply by increasing the block and this will increase the data for storage. Byteball will also be scaled by increasing the storage of transaction data, what's the difference? Do not always repeat the DAG, as if pronouncing a drug. There are crypto-currencies with good technologies, but generally with a poor implementation.
    The bitcoin can be scaled as follows. The use of LN will give any number of transactions and if you fix transactions in the block chain of the transaction once a month and increase the block to 50 megabytes, you can serve 500 million users.

    Me: We can bath in as much essence as you want. Lets have a lightning drug session then:
    You just got a private key bounced your way. Haven't changed a thing to the underlying Blockchain. Public ledger need not update. No further mining required - until you do.
    But don't worry. It will take the next Blocks (picture busses) when they:
    1. Have free space
    2. You payed for a ticket
    3. They leave the station.
    Is that as elegant as a private fast shuttle that leaves when you need it?

    The LN transactions will have to prove their safety in the market first. LNs stopped scaring me a while ago. Put them into action please!
    The great once a month mining sounds a bit like my monthly paycheck. All proper accounted for - once a month.

    And the once a month mining will not scale Back the hardware or the fees, otherwise 51% attack becomes a problem again.
    Look, Blockchains successfully threaten the world economy by decentralisation. But at a price of running around with a handgranade without a fuse. It is its fate waiting at the gates. No amount of LN will get them out of this chinese fingertrap. And there is no LN without an underlying Blockchain.
    And at that moment of "the great accounting" you will have to wait extralong for all other transactions. Somehow it does not sound that appealing to me.
    *takes another toke of DAG... Jummy*

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  • Why is this more secure than Slack?

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  • So the gates are open