Slice&Dice Dungeon

Hyena • 20 September 2017

Combining the elements of provably fair online gambling and text-based multi-user dungeons (MUDs), Slice&Dice Dungeon delivers a unique gaming experience for everyone. The player takes a role of a wandering dungeon inhabitant who delves into the cruel underground caverns with the primary goal of finding food and shelter. Doing so requires them to gamble on the Byteball tokens and to get into fights with other cave explorers as part of the endless struggle for survival.

  1. Go to and download the Byteball wallet.
    You can test this game on your mobile device too. For that, download the wallet on your device from the same URL.
  2. Start the Byteball wallet application and make sure to set up a light wallet.
  3. Click on the hamburger in the upper left corner of the user interface.
  4. Choose settings and change the unit for bytes to MB.
  5. Close the global preferences view and open the chat menu (bottom right button in the user interface).
  6. Click on the Bot Store tab, select Slice&Dice MUD from the list and click on the ADD BOT button.
  7. Follow the textual instructions given by the game server.

Getting Started

  1. After having agreed to the Terms of Service, choose a good account name as you cannot change it later on.
  2. Before any sensible gameplay is possible you should deposit some megabytes. You can do that in the account menu.
  3. It takes 3-8 minutes for the deposit to confirm, just wait it out.
  4. When in game, type who or look to see the list of people currently online. For chatting with awake players use the say command.

Dice Betting (Single Player)

  1. Type bet or click on the money bag symbol on the left side of the command prompt.
  2. Choose the preferred bet from the list of bet examples or click on the other amount link to define a custom bet.
  3. Alternatively, you could just type bet 3 (for example), to bet on 3 MB.
  4. Type dice or click on the dice symbol next to the money bag symbol on the command prompt.
  5. Rinse and repeat to satisfy your gambling addiction.

Slice Betting (Player vs Player)

  1. Set a preferred bet as explained in the Dice Betting section.
  2. Type slice <victim's name> to attack another player.
  3. In case a crossed swords symbol appears in the command prompt you can click on it to automatically slice your opponent.

Gameplay Mechanics

You will get experience points for various tasks. Type worth to see how you are doing. From time to time you will advance in your level and become stronger and faster. Type info to see the numeric representation of your condition.

In S&DD health is a lagging indicator of spirit. Spirit itself is a hidden attribute intrinsic to every player. Every time you bet on real money you will lose or win some spirit depending on your luck. You will always lose more spirit than you could potentially win, which mathematically guarantees mortality for all active gamblers.

When spirit goes to zero then other players could potentially slay you but they would still have to win the respective slice round. When slain, you will lose some experience points but you will also regain your freedom in case you were enslaved. A player that does not hit back when being sliced will ultimately become enslaved. Enslaved players will pay a 1% tribute to their master every time they win in dice betting. Slice betting is not subject to paying such tributes.

This topic is dedicated to questions, answers, ideas and complaints about the Slice&Dice MUD bot.

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You can use the official example bots as a template and build your custom bot logic on top of them if you don't mind programming in nodejs. If you don't like to develop a bot in nodejs then I suggest you use my bb2tcp proxy ( which allows you to use any programming language you want for the actual bot development.

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  • yestur

    Hyena maybe how to play instruction, to start, find bot etc. Frankly I know almost nothing about it, whats MUD etc. if I wouldn't be following byteball I wouldn't know what it is about at all. Imagine newcomers to the crypto + unfamiliar with the game. Just 2 sentences or so would help

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  • mr7788

    I tried to deposit some, but it was never credited to my account. What can I do now, or is my deposit lost?
    (Transaction Unit: Ei5B9nLZLS+9SU/Yr6D4pzuryuSFBVZZwV3/ElTchU8= )

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