MMA coin is a Byteball Asset. for binary options for Mixed Martial Arts. I want to see if there is any interest in supporting this project by creating binary options (in advance) of MMA events (consider 3 round fight or 5 round fight), and setting the options for submission (within specified time), KO / TKO within a specified amount of time or win within a specified amount of time (which would even include ref stoppage and technical decision). I would like to set up the bot on Byteball if there is any support or help. I'd certainly cough up portion of coins for development and would even look at financing this but need rough costs. Initial step is seeing if there is any interest in it? A binary option is where someone picks an option (say gold vs silver price in 1 hour) and person bets X and if they win, they win big, like 70-80%, if they lose, they lose it all. So setting the bot is pretty easy, I would think. I would also like to see if any way to bridge this for exchange into platform if there is mechanism to and exchange for Byteball to arrive at a price. All just an idea, but it starts with an asset.
name: MMA coin by btcmacroecon
shortName: MMA coin
issuer: btcmacroecon
ticker: MMA
description: MMA coin is a byteball asset for binary options for Mixed Martial Arts
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